Steps to Take Following A Workplace Accident

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Accidents occur every single day in a wide range of settings and result in numerous different injuries, both serious and minor. One of the most common types of accidents that we see today are those that take place at a worksite. When a worker is injured on the job it can be stressful for the victim, his or her family members, and the employer. Workplace injuries are often some of the most serious due to the nature of these types of accident. If someone sustains an injury on a construction site, for example, chances are he or she will be faced with mounting medical bills and months – if not years – of recovery time. While every employer is required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees, this isn’t always enough.

As soon as an employee is injured on the job a sequence of events begins to unfold, oftentimes unbeknownst to the injured worker. These events can go on for several weeks, months, or even longer, depending on the type of accident and injuries. Regardless of how long the recovery period is and who is involved, it is of the utmost importance that the injured worker understands their legal rights. Many do not realize this, but the 24 hours following an accident are the most important. In order to respond effectively to a workplace incident, action should be taken right away and the following steps should be taken into consideration:

  • Seek medical attention immediately. Before you do anything else, it is important that you see a doctor and have your injuries assessed immediately following a workplace accident. Depending on what type of workers’ compensation insurance your employer has, you may be required to see a doctor that they recommend. However, it may also be in your best interest to see a doctor that is not under your employer’s insurance, as they are more likely to give you an unbiased opinion. This is an important step because it will ensure you receive the medical attention you need, but it will also help make sure your injuries are properly documented.
  • Notify your employer of your injury. For multiple reasons, it is important that you notify your employer of the accident as soon as you can. If you were injured on a worksite that was unsupervised, make sure to contact HR or your supervisor right away. Depending on the state, reports of injuries must be made within 30 days of the accident or diagnosis of injury in order for the worker to receive workers’ compensation.
  • Keep a journal of your time off work. If your injuries are going to keep you out of work for longer than a few days, it is absolutely imperative that you document your time off. These are the situations that often get complicated and nasty, depending on the employer and situation at hand. In order to ensure you receive financial compensation for your injuries and time away from work, keep careful records of all the time you have missed. In some instances, you may be able to receive temporary or permanent disability benefits, however, the approval process for these benefits isn’t always easy.

Last but not least, we encourage you to contact an experienced workplace injury lawyer immediately following your accident. These types of cases can get quite complicated and it is helpful to have someone who is both knowledgeable and experienced by your side. For more information on workplace injury lawsuits in Dallas, please contact Rad Law Firm today.