AmountTypeArea SpecificCase Description
$225,000.00SettlementMVAClient’s vehicle was rear-ended on service road. Client underwent neck surgery.
$190,000.00SettlementMVA18 wheeler ran red light and T-boned client’s vehicle. Client sustained closed head injury-type symptoms.
$112,500.00SettlementMVAAt-fault driver failed to yield right-of-way while exiting private drive. Client underwent surgical repair of fractured right ulna (forearm).
$100,000.00SettlementMVAAt-fault driver ran stop sign and T-boned client’s vehicle, causing client’s vehicle to roll over. Client (Drywall Specialist) sustained torn rotator cuff (right shoulder).
$100,000.00SettlementMVAClient’s stationary vehicle was struck in private school parking lot while client was waiting for a his friend. Client underwent arthroscopic right shoulder surgery.
$75,000.00SettlementPremises LiabilityClient tripped and fell down loose (unsecured) “stacked rock” steps (with no handrail in place) at a public golf course. Client underwent arthroscopic knee surgery.
$975,000.00SettlementPremises LiabilityNegligent supervision of a toddler at private day care facility swallowed magnets on the backside of “alphabet board letters”. Rupture of toddler’s large intestine/colon required surgery to remove the magnets.
$380,000.00SettlementMVAAt-fault driver failed to yield right-of-way while making left turn. Client had left knee surgery.
$250,000.00SettlementMVAAt-fault driver ran stop sign and collided with client’s vehicle. Client had surgery to her left shoulder and left wrist.
$225,000.00SettlementMVAAt-fault driver failed to yield right-of-way while exiting apartment parking garage. Client underwent bilateral lumbar facet rhizotomy procedures (four (4) levels).