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As any parent can attest to, children tend to be extremely accident prone, especially when they are younger. However, this does not mean that babysitters and daycare providers should not be held accountable for accidents that take place while your child is under their care. When you find a babysitter or daycare center that you like and trust to watch over your children while you are at work, you expect them to take care of your children and keep them safe. When that expectation is not met, you as a parent may have the right to take action against the owner of daycare center or the babysitter. If your child is abused by his or her caregiver or neglected after an injury, you may have grounds to file a claim. Furthermore, if you believe your child has been injured physically, sexually, or neglected by your daycare or babysitter, you should contact an experienced daycare abuse attorney from Rad Law Firm. We have offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills, CA as well as Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Brownsville, TX and are available to talk today for free about your case.

Types of Daycare Abuse

There are standards to protect your children at day care. In Texas and California, there are minimum standards which must be followed. The Department of Family and Protective Services licenses facilities and there are state laws to protect your children. There are many claims that can arise out of a daycare’s treatment of your child. We understand how emotionally challenging these types of cases can be, which is where we come in. Our experienced daycare abuse attorneys handle cases involving all different types of daycare accidents, including the following:

Slip and fall accidents
Children falling from high playground equipment at the daycare facility
Children choking on food
Objects becoming lodged in a child’s nose or ear
Injuries from children fighting
Injuries from sexual abuse
Neglect after an injury

In some instances, daycare injury and accident cases are fairly straightforward. However, other cases are extremely complex. Regardless of your particular situation, we encourage you to contact an attorney from Rad Law Firm today if you fear your child has been the victim of daycare abuse or neglect.

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Almost every mother has to work these days. Most leave their children to the care of non-family members. You trust that these people are taking loving care of your children. But what if they aren’t? Have your babies come home with bruises, cuts or bite marks? Are they exhausted or starving or crying when they get home? Do your day care providers prevent you from visiting the facility when the kids are there? Do the providers act as though you are over-protective of your children or refuse to answer your questions? Have your children actually regressed since being in day care? If you believe that something is not right about the facility caring for your precious children, please call us. We want every child to be healthy, happy, and well-cared for and are prepared to fight for your rights.

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