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When we swim in a pool, either at home or elsewhere, we expect that the design of the swimming pool is safe. Sometimes, the actual design of the pool or its systems is faulty and can cause terrible accidents, including drowning, brain damage, head and neck injuries, and broken bones. If you are a property owner who brought in a contractor for the construction of swimming pool at your home or place of business and you discovered a defect with the design of the pool, we can help you bring a lawsuit against the person responsible. Swimming pools are intended to be fun, relaxing spaces that families, friends, and people in general can enjoy together. When there is a defect with the design that in turn causes accidents, injuries, and even loss of life, those responsible for the design of the pool should be held liable. Rad Law Firm has offices located in Beverly Hills, CA as well as Austin, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and Brownsville, TX and we are available to talk for free today about your case.

What You Need to Know

There can be several factors in the faulty design of swimming pools. Diving boards can be built at pools that are too shallow for diving; diving boards can also fail, causing injuries; pool drains can be too strong if improperly installed, causing young people to be trapped and drowned; cracking or undersized pipes could cause leaks or structural defects. No matter what the defect is, if it led to injury or death, someone needs to be held accountable. Attorneys at Rad Law Firm have years of experience working these types of cases in both California and Texas and we are prepared to work hard and fight for your rights.

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At Rad Law Firm, we can help you if you or someone you love was injured or killed in a swimming pool accident due to a design defect. We will find the experts you need to determine the defect in the design. If brain damage occurred, we know the experts who can determine what the costs of future rehabilitation, therapy, and ongoing care will be. The owner of the pool, the installer and design of the pool, and the manufacturer of the various pool systems will each have lawyers to protect them, which is why you need us. To find out more about our legal services pertaining to swimming pool design defects, please give us a call today.

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