Child Car Seat Defects Attorney

Let’s face it – there is nothing in the world more important to a parent than their child. Not only are our children themselves important, but so is their safety. Infant and child safety car seats are designed to keep our children safe and ensure they travel both short and long distances without fear of injury. Due to their smaller body sizes, infants and children are at a much higher risk of suffering devastating injuries – even in the most minor of car accidents, if the car seat they are riding in malfunctions. When you purchase a new infant or child car seat, the notion of it being defective doesn’t even cross your mind. Unfortunately, defective or otherwise unsafe child car seats are all too common. In the event of an accident, a defective car seat could fail to protect your child from the violent forces of a car accident, which could result in strangulation, spinal cord injuries, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, or even death. If you have been in a car accident and your child was riding in the back and sustained injuries, please contact an attorney from Rad Law Firm. Our offices are conveniently located in Beverly Hills, CA as well as Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Brownsville, TX and we are available to talk today for free about your case.

Causes of Child Car Seat Defects

Most of us don’t think of our automobile seats as a safety issue. We think that the seat will protect us, along with other safety features, in the case of an accident. We presume that the newer laws about child safety seats keep our kids safe. Sadly, this is not always true and the resulting accidents can be terrible. There are many cases of child seat failures, including the following:

  • Malfunctioning errors
  • Weak harnesses and buckles
  • Defective materials
  • Malfunctioning mechanisms

The families and loved one ones of children who have been injured as a result of a defective car seat should not have to suffer any more, or should they have to deal with the burden of medical bills because of a car seat manufacturer’s failure to ensure the safety of their product.

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Most injuries sustained as a result of child safety seat failures are to the brain, head, neck, shoulders, and back – devastating and potentially fatal injuries and difficult to heal. If you or someone in your family was in an accident in which the seat or child seat failed, please call us at Rad Law Firm. These are cases which require attorneys who are experienced in these matters. We can evaluate your case and determine who was at fault for the failure. We will work for you to help you through this difficult time and are available to talk today for free.

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