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“Same-day” surgery centers are places that many people know and love – in large part because of their convenience and the ease in which patients can receive care. Furthermore, doctors and insurance companies alike are also fans of these types of surgical programs, as doctors are able to administer care with ease and insurance companies save money. However, if disaster strikes and an investigation shows that the surgery center in question did not follow proper safety standards, resulting in catastrophic injury or loss of life, it could spell trouble. Surgery is no joking matter and is something that should be taken very seriously, no matter how minor the procedure. When it comes to same-day surgery centers – also known as Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) – it is imperative that the same rigorous safety standards at hospitals are followed in order to ensure the patient is safe and health. When this does not happen and someone is hurt, a patient may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. Attorneys at Rad Law Firm work on cases involving surgery at same-day facilities, doing everything we can to ensure justice is served and our client is compensated for his or her injuries or emotional damages.

Types of Same-Day Surgeries

In many cases, the problem with these same-day surgery centers are system errors, which is the failure to think through the basic safety steps that should be followed in order to protect patients in advance. Other errors that may result in medical malpractice or negligence and patient injuries at these types of facilities include the following:

  • Failure to sterilize equipment
  • Discharging a patient too soon
  • Poor or inadequate documentation of safety procedures
  • Staff oversight
  • Distractions
  • Medical errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Leaving surgical instruments inside the body
  • Infection

If you have experienced pain, suffering, or a serious injury due to an error at a same-day surgery center, you may be entitled to seek legal recourse. Furthermore, if you have lost wages due to missing work or are bogged down by medical bills and having to pay for long-term medical care, please contact an attorney from Rad Law Firm today.

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So, how safe are free-standing surgical centers? They have been strictly regulated by the Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center Licensing Act since 1985, but this does not mean they are free of error. If you or a family member had a procedure done at a same-day surgery center and had poor care, poor follow-up, or other unpleasant results, please call Rad Law Firm at one of our convenient locations in Beverly Hills, CA or Brownsville, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, or Dallas, TX. Our attorneys are experts in determining whether the standard of care was followed and what that means to you. We promise to evaluate your situation thoroughly and help you through the complicated licensing and standard of care laws.

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