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The police are here to protect us and to keep us safe, yet more and more we read about cases where innocent bystanders were shot by the police. More and more we hear of police shootings of unarmed suspects or suspects who are sitting in a car or walking down the street, not resisting the police. Take Michael Brown of Ferguson, for example. Furthermore, we read of pets being shot because they “looked mean”. The law is in place to limit the circumstances under which a police officer may use deadly force – sometimes referred to as ‘lethal force. Generally speaking, law enforcement may only use deadly force in order to protect him or herself, or others, from an imminent risk of death or injury, or if the suspect in question has committed a felony where they showed they did not care about life and limb. When an officer displays deadly force without justification, it is violating the Fourth Amendment. If your or someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful police shooting, we encourage you to contact an attorney from our law office right away. We are conveniently located in Beverly Hills, CA as well as Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Brownsville, TX and will do everything in our power to represent you and ensure justice is served.

How Does Firearm Misuse Happen?

The police are in place to protect and serve the public, not take the lives of innocent people because they reacted too quickly or used poor judgement. When police officers, FBI agents, ATF agents, or other government personnel are involved in a wrongful shooting, the injured person and their family may have grounds to sue. It has become even more apparent in recent years that, when police fire their weapons, they sometimes shoot too soon, too often, or too early. When this happens and the wrong person, or an innocent person, is shot and killed, it is up that person’s family members to make sure justice is served. Filing a wrongful shooting claim against a police officer or other state or federal agent can be extremely complex, which is why it is important you retain the services of an attorney from Rad Law Firm.

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Shootings are serious. Death, life-threatening injuries, severe injuries, and heartbreak can result from police brutality or police failure to follow certain protocols. The criminal court system cannot help you financially. They can only rule whether or not the shooting was wrongful. If you or someone you love was shot by the police and you believe it was a wrongful shooting, please call the experienced lawyers at Rad Law Firm. We will stand up for you and your rights in court. We can help you recover for wrongful death, medical bills, lost income, loss of support, and other damages you may have suffered because of a wrongful shooting. Remember, in a civil case, the burden of proof is lighter than in a criminal matter. The jury only need to find that, more likely than not, the shooter was wrong.

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