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Whenever an accident takes place, we naturally assume it is the fault of another, negligent driver. However, it is important to keep in mind that another factor – a dangerously maintained or designed road – may be to blame. Unsafe roadways are prevalent throughout the United States, whether due to the fact they are not properly cared for or simply were not well-constructed. Governmental agencies, like those in both Texas and California, have a legal duty to follow federal regulations and standards when it comes to the roadways. Part of their responsibility is to ensure the roadways are safe and free of any hazards or obstacles that could pose a threat to cars, motorcycles, or bicycles.

When driving down a road, good drivers are usually on the lookout for unsafe, speeding, or just plain bad drivers. But what if the road itself is unsafe? It’s too narrow, the speed limit is too high, lanes merge with no warning, no-passing zones are not marked, large trucks drive over the limit, pick-up trucks spill their loads, potholes and other defects are left uncovered with no warning. All of us have experienced the fear that comes in these instances. If you have been injured in an accident due to unsafe roads, we encourage you to contact an attorney from Rad Law Firm at one of our convenient locations in Beverly Hills, CA or Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, or Brownsville, TX.

Different Types of Dangerous Road Conditions

As mentioned, the governing body in charge of all roadways is responsible for its design and upkeep. When this does not happen, it could spell disaster. Here are a few examples of dangerous road conditions that may cause a serious accident:

  • Potholes and uneven surfaces
  • Defective design
  • Lack of safety
  • Defective construction
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Road cave-ins
  • Changing use patterns by pedestrians and vehicles
  • Ignoring evidence that accidents keep occurring on a dangerous road

These are just a few examples of how unsafe road conditions could lead to serious accidents, causing injury or even loss of life.

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Beyond the conditions listed above, there are steep drop-offs, dangerous curves, unexpected flooding, and construction zones to deal with. Unfortunately, many people are injured and even killed every year because of dangerous roads. If you’ve had an accident because of unsafe road conditions, you need a lawyer. The government agency that maintains the road, the local police department, the engineers and contractors who built the road and the workman doing repairs may all be liable. Each one will have its own insurance companies and lawyers to fight your claim.

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