Medical Malpractice and Plastic Surgery

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When you undergo any type of operation or surgery you do so thinking that the doctor in charge is someone you can trust. Regardless of how old you are and what type of surgery you are in for, the last thing you expect to happen is a serious injury, or worse. This is especially true when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, even in minor cosmetic surgeries, there is a heightened risk of injury or illness if the surgeon, nurse, or staff are not careful. Surgical patients, and in particular those undergoing plastic surgery, expect a specific end result. When a surgery does not go as planned and medical malpractice is committed, the patient may be entitled to legal recourse. In the event the surgeon was negligent or reckless and did not meet the standard of care, they may be held liable for any economic or non-economic damages you have experienced. Here at Rad Law Firm, our attorneys have years of experience handling medical malpractice cases, including those against plastic surgeons. We understand what a devastating experience it can be to come out of a seemingly routine surgery and not get the results you were expecting. Because of this, medical malpractice attorneys at Rad Law Firm are committed to ensuring negligent healthcare professionals are held accountable for their actions.

Understanding Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

People make the decision to undergo plastic surgery for a number of reasons, whether for voluntary alterations, breast implants, tummy tucks, or corrective procedures to rectify disfigurements. While anyone who undergoes plastic surgery is aware of the risks, most people assume their doctor will perform the procedure without error. Similar to all other healthcare professionals, cosmetic surgeons have an obligation to perform in the same way in which any other surgeon in their position would. When this does not happen and an error is made, the results could be catastrophic. There are many different instances in which cosmetic surgery malpractice can occur, including the following:

  • When a non-plastic surgeon performs a cosmetic surgery he or she is not qualified for
  • When a nurse anesthetist is used instead of an anesthesiologist, in an effort to save costs
  • When lengthy and complicated procedures are performed in private offices, away from hospitals
  • When procedures are performed in facilities that are not properly equipped or stocked with essentials
  • When the plastic surgeon fails to take a full patient history
  • When the surgeon exceeds the scope of the patient’s informed consent
  • When the surgeon operates on the wrong part of the body

These are just a few examples of how cosmetic surgery malpractice can occur. If you or a loved one has experienced any of the above, or were the victim of an error while undergoing cosmetic surgery, contact a medical malpractice attorney from Rad Law Firm today.

Do I Have a Lawsuit?

Because plastic surgery is oftentimes an elective surgery that is not medically necessary, when malpractice occurs it can be challenging to prove. While most cosmetic surgeons are indeed qualified doctors, many physicians perform surgery without the proper training and credentials. When a doctor or surgeon does not exercise the standard of medical care and you are injured as a result, you may be able to pursue legal action. To find out more about your rights when it comes to a cosmetic surgery malpractice, contact our law office today.