Two people were killed and five injured in a vehicular accident Sunday afternoon.

A 1999 Ford Expedition skid in the middle of the road and somersaulted repeatedly, killing the driver and one passenger. The accident happened at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, nine miles east of Balmorhea after the van’s right rear tire blew out, according to a spokesman with the Texas Department of Public Safety. The driver, Nancy Aleman, 27, of El Paso and Lareina McEdward, 27, of Mesquite, N.M., were pronounced dead at the scene.

The five passengers who were injured were sent to separate hospitals, says the DPS spokesman. Gabriel Andrew Marze, 30, of El Paso, was transported to Reeves County Hospital; Jaylene Marze, 2, of El Paso, and Jayden McEdward, 2, of Mesquite, were both transported to University Medical Center in El Paso. Violet McEdward, 4, of Mesquite and Haley Diaz, 7, of El Paso, were both transported to University Medical Center in Lubbock.

It was reported that both Nancy Aleman and Lareina McEdward wore their seat belts while the rest of the passengers were not restrained.