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Sgt. Lorraine Kerlick Died in Motorcycle Crash

A long time District attorney investigator was killed in a Sunday afternoon motorcycle accident.

Officials said Sgt. Lorraine Kerlick,53, died a little past 4 p.m. after her motorcycle crash in 26900 block of Hamilton Pool Road west of Bee Cave, near Austin.

Kerlick was an investigator in the Travis County District Attorney’s Office for 17 years and was described by Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg as “a dedicated and highly regarded law enforcement professional who was passionate about her work and loved this community.”

Kerlick served as an officer with the University of Texas and Austin police departments in the 1980s before joining the district attorney’s office in 1996. She served as sergeant investigator for the office’s grand jury division and worked with local police departments across Travis County.

Kerlick leaves behind a longtime partner and the two daughters they helped raise.

Texas Department of Public Safety are still trying to gather more details about the crash.