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Ruben Riguero-Brito Shot At Dallas Nightclub

A man was shot dead following an argument with two other men at the parking lot outside Northwest Dallas nightclub early Sunday.

The Dallas Police Department said 27-year-old Ruben Riguero-Brito of Rowlett was shot once at 4:40 a.m. outside the Cabaret Royale club in the 10700 block of Composite Drive. Investigators believe the victim’s argument with two other people started inside the club and had spilled outside.

Riguero was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Riguero was a model, actor and fitness instructor. He was born in Venezuela but lived in Rockwall.

In a statement released by his family, Riguero’s shooting was a case of mistaken identity. “The bullet that ended this young man’s life was meant for another man that was embroiled in an altercation in a club with the alleged gunman.”

A man, identified as Branagan Hopkins, 29, turned himself in on Monday for the murder. His arrest affidavit, however, did not state the cause of the disagreement that led up to the killing.

“The family of Ruben Riguero in Rowlett is deeply saddened at the tragic loss of the person they describe as a loving, charismatic and passionate lover of life and giver to those less fortunate.”

The family statement further reads, “He began his journey to the ‘American dream’ 10 years ago when he was 17. Upon becoming a resident of this country that so readily embraced him and nurtured his dreams of greatness, he began to work overtime to achieve the goals he had had since he was a young boy. Success at such a young age did not diminish the integrity of his character and he never forgot his roots – the humble beginnings that made him the caring, compassionate, philanthropic young man that was so full of a life that longed to be lived in the service of helping others and sharing with a family that loved and cherished him.”

Riguero also appeared to be part of the Total Explosion Gym in North Texas. He was a high-ranking competitor in several body building competitions.  He recently trained his cousin for her tour of duty with the US Navy, which he considered his crowning achievement and one that filled him with pride.

“By far the sweetest man you’d ever meet,” said friend Keisha Siska. “I saw it this morning on Facebook, it’s kind of a nightmare I wish I could wake up from.”

Riguero also performed at LaBare nightclub in Dallas, where a vigil was held for Riguero and attended by nearly 100 people. He is remembered by friends and family as a beloved fitness trainer, performer and father to a 6-year-old son. The company released this statement:

“It is with heartfelt and gut wrenching regreat that we have to inform our many family and friends that the devasting (sic) news you are hearing about Angelo/Ruben’s death is true. We ask that you respect him, his family and close friends during this time of great sorrow. We are still in great shock at his loss. We have decided to close the club tonight and at some point will pay our respects to him accordingly. Please pray God speed to him, his family, loved ones and friends. We LOVE and miss you dearly Ruben. God Bless and keep you always.”