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Shelbi McClure Killed In Canyon Train Crash

A fatal collision early Tuesday morning in Canyon claimed the life of a 21-year-old West Texas A&M University cheerleader.

The Canyon Police Department responded to a call just after midnight about a traffic collision between a car and a train at the 100th block of 4th street.

Officers found Shelbi McClure dead on the scene.

According to Burlington Northern Santa Fe spokesman Joel Faust, the train was traveling west at 40 m.p.h. at the 100 block of 4th Street. McClure’s vehicle passed under the level crossing and stopped in the middle of the track. The train slammed into the vehicle’s driver side.

All equipment at the crossing was working properly at the time of the incident, said Faust.

McClure was a sophomore pre-nursing student from Lubbock. She was a WT cheerleader and was active in the Chi Omega sorority.

Police said an autopsy has been ordered and the crash remains under investigation.